Lennox Dates

What are dates for the following LENNOX units?

A/C’s 5804E37134 - 5186F41594

Furnace-5898F08017 - 4685J00046

The first two numbers is the manufacturing plant/division/region/whatever.

The second two numbers is the year of manufacture.

The letter is the month of manufacture, A-M = Jan-Dec; skip I.

So you’ve got May 2004 and June 1986 for the condensers


June 1998 and October 1985 for the furnaces.

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LOL, okay Russ. I will go along with that. I wanted to provide the source to any “future” questions about any Lennox appliances. I could have told him (or anyone else interested) what the years were but I think next time he runs across a Lennox furnace or AC he will be able to determine the age.:mrgreen: