Age of Magic Chef Furnace


I have been trying to no avail to find the age or approximate age of a Magic Chef furnace. The model # is L5A95-1 and the serial # is A 09314LHB. Thanks

In 1986, Magic Chef was bought out by Maytag. The Maytag air conditioning division was then sold to Lennox in 1988 and renamed Armstrong Air. Might want to look under Maytag, Lennox, or Armstrong, and see if those numbers correspond to somthing under one of those brands.

(in 1972, Johnson and AireEase became part of Magic Chef)

1985-1988 or so says prestons.

The last three letters in the serial number are the date and place of manufacture where the first letter is the month, middle letter is the year, and the last letter is the place. So “LH” equals December 1987.

Thank you very much

How about Magic Chef serial number A 16990K 8B Model G65-105–13?

October 1978