Help with Magic chef age

Model # G65-105D-20 S/N A 07937D98 Magic Chef/ Air-Ease

Thanks in advance!

In 1986, Magic Chef was acquired by the Maytag Co. Air conditioning division was sold to Lennox in 1988 and renamed Armstrong Air. Aire-Ease was acquired in 1972.

MAGIC CHEF through 1998 had serial numbers with one letter, five numbers, and then three letters.
Last three letters of the serial number are date and place of manufacture where the first letter is the month and the middle letter is the Year and the last letter is the place.

A = January B = February C = March D = April E = May F = June G = July H = August
J = September L = October M = November N = December

A = 1980 B = 1981 C = 1982 D = 1983………S = 1997 T = 1998……

A(January) 07937**D(1983)**98

Hi Jae, that explanation does not work with this serial #, or am I reading your post incorrect?


You know, you’re right. I would then say it’s about twenty years old or so–1988 (or earlier) when it was renamed.

That’s not your typical Magic Chef serial number, but it’s not the first atypical one I have in my files.

The last three digits, i.e., the D98, should be three letters, but when the last two letters are switched to the year ( 98 ), it usually means that the unit was manufactured by scabs during a labor strike or subcontracted out to another manufactured when that plant was shut down for maintenance, natural disaster preparedness evacuation, etc.

So to me, and jiving with other atypical numbers in my database, it looks like it is April 1998 ( D for April, 98 for 1998 ).

According to Prestons’ guide that model was in production between 1978 & 1980, how does that fit with the age of the home?


I would say this unit looks more like 1980 in color and condition… Thanks everyone for your input!