Age of Rheem water heater

I am trying to determine the age of a water heater. It is a Rheem water heater and the serial number is 335 10002. Note there is a space between the numbers as shown. The home was built in 1966 but the heater appears to have been replaced. Every source I have checked shows to use the 1st four digits of the serial number but the serial on this unit is different than any I have seen on Rheem heaters.

Is anyone familiar with this numbering system?

Looks like no one has found the age yet.

You should be able to tell if its older than 10 years just by looking at the logo/labeling on it.

Simply recommend replacement on these when older than 10 years.

Client just called me and said they wish they had took my advice, their 10 year old water heater just started leaking.

I don’t defer many things to contractors, I simply make the decision as I’m being paid to do. If you can’t make a decision in this business, the agents favorite driveby contractor will be available to say its ok and collect his $60 driveby fee from the agent.

An agent told me once that that she tells buyer’s to ignore everything in an inspection report where it appears the inspector had no true opinion since all reports she has seen over the years are basically soft and inconclusive. I told her that she would either love or hate mine depending on her loyalty to the buyer.

If there is an ANSI number, you can at least narrow down to a 4 year period. For what it’s worth.

2000 ? whats the ansi number?

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) sets standards for safety, conformity and other things

They update standards every four years. If you have a date of 2000, then the unit was manufactured between 2000 and 2004.


You dont have a picture of that number, do you?

I appreciate the responses. I did not look for and ansi number. I carry some information I found a while back with me for these situations but with Rheem, is said that the third and fourth numbers were the serial number. This serial number was not the same as other Rheem water heaters.

I told the customer that my best guess was that the water heater was old enough that they had changed their serial number system and that he should think about replacing it.