Rheem Water Heater Age

This is an oldie and doesn’t comply with the currently used date code. Any ideas? Serial # 272 76659 RN :-k



According to my old list, the first number is the month and the next two the year. February of 72’
How was it working??
How are you going to write it up?
I would feel obligated to write it up hard due to the age.

I’d agree with you if there was a 0 in front of the 2. You may be right though. It’s ancient, whatever the year. I usually don’t suggest replacement just because of age, but this is different. I’m recommending replacement.

I have an a list I got when I first started up that had the old codes for rheem, bryant and a few others. I have not used it because it was outdated and did not work for most I inspected. that is where I found this date code. I am almost 100% sure I am right. I would also recommend replacement due to the age. The may have been replacing the anoid rods through the years and that is why it is still working.

Thanks Greg.

My SOP states performing its intended function if the tank was producing hot water and was not leaking and I was the seller I would tell ya to Kiss my behind;-);-):smiley:

My verbage is: The Hot water heater was performing as intended at time of inspection, however due to it’s age it may be advisable to replace the unit before an issue arises.

That is fine verbage but whom are you advising the buyer or the seller who is paying

If it is working as intended then the seller is off the hook. I am advising the buyer that it is beyond serviceable lifespan and that replacing it before it fails is logical so they don’t have to clean up after a flood. If you were the buyer wouldn’t you want to know?

Right, normally I would say that “the unit performed satisfactorily when tested; however, due to its age I would recommend that you budget for its eventual replacement.” In this case I felt justified in recommending a new WH. It is a 30-gallon gas-fired unit, the TPR valve leaked, and the pipe reduced in size. The seller intended to replace the WH after seeing it during his initial viewing of the house.

Yust yerking yous guys chain :D:D you were not very clear on your explanation you cleaned it up good;-):wink: