Age of this General Electrical Main Panel

Hello, I need your help everyone, I faund in an Inpection this main Panel.
How do you figure about it age?

Thank you so much

Judging from your photos and components I would estimate it’s from 1960’s.

When writing it up I would say…125 Amp service. Panel and components appear ancient and not within today’s standards. While it may be serviceable, I recommend evaluation by qualified electrical contractor to verify this service meets the needs of homeowner and can handle today’s electrical loads.

I use one of them in my shed. …About 15 years old and you can buy them today…


That panel isn’t from the 60’s. Its much, much newer.


I was just guesstimating. Looking at everything in the pic.,just for my educational standpoint, what are you thinking?

Awesome Roy. I was just taking into account everything around it to and taking a stab at it. Thanks for the better age assessment. Always learning something.:+1:t2:

5-10 years.

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Awesome. I was way off…sheesh. Thanks a lot!