Service panel age?

Hi Everyone

I did an inspection in a house resently and this is their main service panel :roll:

ideas on age of this service panel?

a little help with amp capacity?
am i close with 60 amps?

I included some pics.

thanks for all your info

112 2nd west -2 025.JPG

112 2nd west -2 025.JPG

112 2nd west -2 025.JPG

112 2nd west -2 026.JPG

Those panels date back to the forties. It’s likely to be the same age as the residence.

There doesn’t appear to be a service disconnect or split-bus, but it’s likely to be a 60 amp panel. . .

Hi Amy,

I’d have to agree mostly with Jeff, buy I’d put it at mid to late 50’s. What year was the home built?



Thanks for your thoughts guys,
the current owner thinks it was built around 54

The fact that I see many circuits with full size grounds, and a predominance of type TW insulation might make me guess this panel was replaced sometime in the 70’s. A few circuits have insulation that does look like it’s from original 1950’s circuits.

To my eye, it sure does look like that panel’s fed with #2 copper to the main lugs.

I agree. Sure looks like 100A to me.

I also do not see a split-buss arrangement. Could this be a 60’s-70’s condo with an outside disconnect?

It appears to be 100 amps to me.

I took another look at it, and it does look like a 60’s-70’s installation. The funny thing is that the panel itself looks older.

on a side note does anyone know when the pushmatics went out of production, the later ones I have seen were from the late 60’s?



1983-4 …ish. I’ve still got some brand new in boxes, bought as new old stock. Some say Goulds or ITT on the box. Matter of fact, I got some from a Siemens dealer once too, and they came in Siemens boxes (perhaps reboxed?)

Wow that answer surprises me, I am sure the latest one I was sure of the installation daye of was around a decade earlier than that, do you have replacement breakers later than that or whole panels?



Just breakers, Gerry. I’ve seen inspection stickers on PushMatic panels from at least 80-81, though.

I have not seen that type 40 amp double before.

It looks older than the typical mid to late fifties to me.

I see no main breaker , so are you guys guessing 100 amps based on the main conductors coming in to the panel.

If it is a Condo they have neutral and ground bonded (assumming it is a sub)

That’s a handle tie accessory, of which there were many styles. That’s not a “real” 2 pole 40.

Wow, quite the discussion
its not a condo, its a bungalow style house that this panel was in.

Where is the oddest place you have found a service panel located?
This one was right inside the back door,
no main structure off/on switch either.

What else do you guys have to say about this panel?

I normally find those in homes that were larger and considered high end when they were built. They are almost always fed with 100 amps. I also see them in small commercial buildings from the 50s and 60s.

I am sure they were considered “State of the Art” at the time.