Age of Unit

Can anyone tell me the age of this Fraser Johnston A/C unit. #WFGP126470 ?

Thank you, in advance…

Either 1977 or 1998.

Thanks! Ray, it is a 98


The Fraser Johnston name was dropped in 1978. They are now, **York International. **

Hey, David.

I think Fraser Johnston is a brand name now, but not a manufacturer, the manufacturer being York. Didn’t they merge with York or get bought out by York? I’ve had a few Fraser Johnsons around here that are post-1978.

You’re right RR, W.W. Grainger sold Fraser Johnston for a while in the early 90s and they were definitely a YORK Int product. They were identical to something called a HomeAir Unit. Any unit with CES somewhere on the tag would be a York or York Cousin.

So they are a brand (division) of York. That explains why I see them down here post-1978.