Manufacture date or age of Fraser & Johnston

Well, this is a new one on me and doesn’t match anything that I have in all my research, so let’s see if someone else has something.

Fraser & Johnston
Model number 80HD36ANA
Serial Number C148850
BTU - 80,000

House was built in 1960.
Current owners have been there since 1979.

I’m familiar with F&J, so the serial number had me puzzled at the time of the inspection, but it was quite clear, and the number 1 would not be the letter I since F&J didn’t use the letter I.

My guess is 1979-1980 since all the other appliances were 1979-1980, or 1993 since the roof was put on in 1993.

Any help out there? Thanks.

Hi to all,

Russel, my Preston’s CD lists that model number as being current for 1973-74, but also the HD series in general was produced upto 1977 (no idea why it isn’t in the paper version of Prestons, but have had that problem before).



Hey, Gerry.

Usually that C in the serial number would be 1973 or 1993, but that’s when there are two, three, or four letters as the first digits in the serial number. I’ve never run into a one-letter serial number before.

Based on your information, looks like I’m going to go with 1973.