Age of Units

I need help with ages of the following two units:


Lennox - model CB19-26-2P

York - serial #MHUS451423


Does someone have an ‘excerpt’ from the Carson Dunlop (Somebody) book they could share with all of us?

kinda like the water heater age decoder…

That would be great…

The Lennox unit does not compute with the cheat sheet someone gave me. The note says that most of them have a date stamp on them. Otherwise, I’d go by the S/N and look for the second two digits. For example, 5898G 07568 should mean plant #58, year of manfacture 1998.

For the York, they skipped the letter “U”, so this might actually be a “V” which would mean the unit was manufactured in 1988. Tricky, but if you don enough of them and you look at the overall condition and wear vs. the age of the house, it gives you clues as to the vintage.

I concur with Hank.

Thanks! I could not find the serial number on the LENNOX. It simply was not there.