Age of YORK AC & Furnace

I need some help with the ages of this York AC & Furnace.

AC - Ser# TO-99016 MOD # FB30-6-4

Furnace - Ser# EAYMOO4710 MOD # P4UGO16N10501A

Thanks, in advance for your help.

Furnace by ser# is Jan 1991

The AC ser# doesn’t seem to fit but here is a link

furnace Jan 1991 Unless it look brand new then 2012
ac unit appears 1999

You might want to recheck the model of the furnace. It may be:
P4HUC16N11501A - P4=Series, HU=Upflow/Horizontal C=21" Cabinet Width (A=14.5";B=17.5";D=24.5"), 16=Design CFM (12=12,000 CFM, 20=20,000 etc), N=N (L=Low NOx) 115=Output Capacity in Btu/h, 01=Revision Number

Serial number may be NAYM and would put it 1991, and about right for that specific model.

Not sure on the A/C but will contact my friends at York and post if I get an answer.