Furnace and air conditioner age

Please identify age
Furnace York Serial no. WOL8377526, Mod. No TG8S060A10MP11A

Union Energy
Air conditioner Serial No. 2100E16822 Mod. No PA10JA024


Serialnumberforyork.pdf (174 KB)

there you go

I think the other may be 2000

FURNACE AGE CHART Udated-1.pdf (92.3 KB)

And there he went. :slight_smile:

Bruce, I don’t have any notes on Union Energy, but guessing from the serial number I would say the AC is likely to be manufactured the 21st week of 2000.

Is that reasonable from the home, and other info available to you?

You are stalking me lolol

LOL, no but I learned something from the sheet you posted here. Thanks

Your welcome I am always read to help if i can:cool:

Nordyne A-coil, Model C3QA-055U-B, Serial C3A040500759

Can I get a manufacturing date, please?

May 2004