Age of York Condensing unit please

York Condensing unit Serial number WOL7321698, Model number TCGD42S21S4A

March of 1998 or 1977. You’ll need to make an educated guess on the era. Something is up with your serial number though, because the first and fourth letters don’t match with anything in my notes for York. You sure you’ve got the correct info there?

Here’s a pic of the unit info.

614 1st Ave NW 020 (Small).jpg

Are you sure you are reading the code correctly? I get 1981 or 2002.

Since 2005 models have a letter-number-letter-number configuration. (SN: W0E5195159)

W=city of manufacture*** 0=third digit of year E=month 5=fourth digit of year*
** (Wichita) 200-? May 2005**



Probably November, but that’s not important…

Jae is correct. L for 2002 is for before 2005. Sorry. (October instead of November but you’re right; not important.)

Thanks for the help guys!

WOL7321698 serial number is 2007.

I must have misread your original post.