Need help detemining age of York Heat Pump

I am trying to detemine the age of this 2 ton York air handler
Model #AHX24B3XH21A Ser#W1B688073 with a 1.5 ton condensing unit
Model #YHJF18S41S1A Ser#W1N0505629

My reference guide says to use the 2nd and 4th digits in the serial number but they do not make sense. This unit appears to be new but I wanted to be sure. Can anybody please help?

This should help

Click here: manufacture or age of an YORK® furnace or other manufactured YORK® HVAC unit | Building Intelligence Center

Yeah - that is what I was looking at saying to combine the 2nd and 4th digit of serial number to detemine the year. If that was the case then the air handler would have been manufacurted in 2016 and the condensing unit in 2010. Obviously that is not correct. Why do they have to make it so difficult?

This is what I found on a list I keep on my computer.
**York (Unitary Products since 1984)
**[FONT=Times New Roman,Times New Roman][size=3]Note: York skips the letters “I,” “O,” “Q,” “U,” “Z.” The year of manufacture is indicated by third letter in the serial number.
[/size][/FONT]**Fraser, Johnston and Luxaire (Purchased by York in 1980) **[FONT=Times New Roman,Times New Roman][size=3]1971 - A
1972 - B
1973 - C
1974 - D
1975 - E
1976 - F
1977 - G
1978 - H
1979 - J
1980 - K
1981 - L
1982 – M
1983 – N
1984 – P
1985 - R
1986 - S
1987 - T
1988 - V
1989 - W [/size][/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman,Times New Roman][size=3]1990 - X
1991 – Y
1992 – A
1993 - B
1994 - C
1995 – D
1996 - E
1997 - F
1998 – G
1999 - H
2000 - J
2001 - K
2002 - L
2003 - M
2004 - N
2005 - P
2006 – R
2007 – S [/size][/FONT]

I attached a PDF. It looks like the problem is none of our references go past 2004. These units were recently installed. We need updated charts.

Thanks, I put it in my “appliance age” folder. Good find!!

I have a York heat pump. Air handler model=F1SA024R06A
Serial = EDBS098682.
The condenser model number is E1FB024506A AND THE serial number is ELAM385846. The air handler has either 3 or 4 wire hook up. I need to make sure I have this thing wired right. I can not find a schematic on it.
Also when I put this unit in storge it was running great. Now for some reason the compressor will only come on and hum. What could make this happen? The compactor is putting out what it says it should put out. Thanks for the help.