Age on Heil furnace

Ser# H55096543
Model # GC-10SAF-6R
I would guess the furnace is a 1955 built in the 9th week. The only problem with this, the house was built in 1961 by tax records and MLS or maybe they are wrong. The furnace is old and working properly, but I do not run across to many functional 55 year old furnaces.Any help with age would be great.


1-800-237-5871. Customer service number for Heil-Quaker, as recent as 2001.

Hi Jae, I already tried them and they were no help. They keep telling me I am missing one number in the serial number. I kept reading the serial number and could not get a extra number to appear for them. Thanks for trying. anyone else?

Preston’s Guide lists a GC105AF manufacture dates as 1968-1977.

Could it be the missing number is a 6 or 7 at the beginning? This could indicate a '65 or '75 year of manufacture and put it line with the Prestons dates…

Just a thought…

Heil is inconsistent in their coding because they used so many manufacturers for their American products.

I do have five instances in my database where the H was confirmed as indicating a manufacture date of 1972. These units were manufactured by General Electric for Heil and apparently use the GE coding system, loosely.