Help with age of Heil-Quaker

I need help with age and size of the unit.
Model# HME053A40AA0
SER# 80659075

Gary Mann

Hey, Gary.
Your serial number looks too short for Heil-Quaker.

Any pictures, either of the manufacturer’s plate or the furnace?

Here is all that I have ser # H80659075
The house was built in 1979 and I am thinking that the unit is as old.

Thanks for any help

H is the location where it was made 80 is the year
Hope this helps

Thanks that helps. I though it was made in 1980 just needed to make sure.

Without that H, I was going to surmise that the number 8 was actually a letter B, but that would have made it a 2006 model, which would not be right for Heil.

With that H, as Wayne noted, now we know that it is a 1980 model.

Lets try this one Heil Quaker serial number H643 92342. My understanding is that Heil S/N indicates the first letter as the month and the next 2 digits are the year. That would make this 90% direct drive furnace with computer controls a 1963. I know that not right any ideas from the group? It is a 90% without direct venting so it is using basment make up air but exhausting through PVC.

Ok I meant 1964… H=August and 64=1964…still know its wrong…maybe 1992?

My thinking would be 96

H is where it was made

August 1964, modified and/or rebuilt probably This may help to determine the age of your Heil-Quaker.

Thanks so much. Based on the website you gave me I think this is an 1986 model.


I need some help with this one. It’s a vented wall furnace.
This it the metal plate in it. Everything is accurate.
This won’t let me upload a picture.


MFG. NO. 49187I 64
SERIAL NO. C 15023
INPUT 10000
approved as a GRAVITY type

Vented wall furnace approved
Only for direct discharge without
Duct connections.