Age Verification of Pennco Gas Boiler

I AM PURCHASING A HOME WITH A PENNCO GAS BOILER SERIAL NUMBER 12300 / SIZE 325WA / INPUT 192000 / HOT WATER 1020 I cannot find the age of this boiler and it has me dumbfounded. It’s hard to believe that no one in the industry can help me. It’s hard to believe that no one in the industry has ever seen one of these boilers. It is in a 2500 sq. ft. home, very well maintained and appears to be in excellent condition. I am flabbergasted that I come up flat every day, this is my second full day online battling this out. Can you please help me? This may be a conversion from oil to gas and that’s perhaps what is causing confusion, I have no reason to say that but it may be a possibility. It has a grey heavy metal round cornered cabinet with the data plate on the front and it has a distinctive classy antique look and feel about it. The data plate is very clear and easy to read and that is all the info.on it. Thank-you very much. I sure would appreciate some help! Kind Regards.

I was surprised to come across you message. I just bought a home with a Pennco Gas boiler. I do believe it the original furnace which would make it over 50 years old. It is similar size to your’s - 323 WA (a 4-digit serial number if that indicates anything). I just began to search for more info on it. There is a website: located in NY.

My furnace works ok but I don’t know how efficient it is. I am having a furnace guy check it out next week. Of course he will probably try to sell me a new furnace. We will see.

They don’t make em like they use to, so maybe I should hang onto it!

Thank-you very much for your reply…WHEW!..I have been patiently waiting! You will find the new people at Pennco telling you that they do not have ANY HISTORICAL INFORMATION transfered in their purchase from the original company Pennco, on older boilers. They are a little bit rude and impatient which makes this situation not only Historical but Hysterical as well! The very old Pennco’s had a 50 year warranty! Boy someone somewhere must have worked on these things-please jump in here! You are correct as well these boilers have around a 55% efficiency compared to 85-95% on the newer ones now that have only 10-15 year warranties. I am looking at a home with this Pennco that was built in the 1890’s…QUESTION to anyone…Can I accept a boiler that may be 100 years old or more…it’s possible that it is that old?! Please keep writing folks!

If it makes you feel better I’m in the same boat as you both. Very old boiler and need some working manual on it. serial number is 4-digit and size is listed at 325wa. Still humming along, but would like to know more about it.

I have a Pennco gas boiler with four digit serial number with a “T” suffix, 27WA, CSA rating of 468. This heats my house that was originally 1620 square feet but now is approx 2200 ft/2. after finishing my basement and extending pipes to registers in my basement. My boiler was installed when the house was built in 1950. The boiler still runs great even though I’ve replaced most of the components (aquastat, gas valve, circulator, etc.) a few times over. I contacted Pennco in NY approx. 7 years ago and asked them whats a comparable model today. An engineer replied back to me and told me it would be their Series 15B.

However, the 15B series is configured differently so the water and gas lines would have to be drastically altered. After considerable research, I see Burnham & Unico boilers are configured the same way. Would love to find one of those old Penncos.