Pennco Boiler Age

Inspected a home today with a Pennco boiler. Would like to find out the actual mfg date.

Thank’s in advance.

I’ve never heard of Pennco in all my years, but the type of serial number, xxxx-xxxx, leads me to believe that it’s from March 1992.

James I just did a home in Pittsburgh with a older Pennco boiler and could not find the age either. I could not even get info from data plate.
I guessed the age to be about 40+ years.

I am sorry that I could not help. Just wanted to share.

Michael, just to let you know, I did find out that Pennco Boilers were originally manufactured in Clarendon Pa.
They are now manufactured by ECR International, which is a global manufacturer of many of the past boiler names.
They have a location in Utica NY
I did get a contact# for them from their web site. They were very cooperative with my requesting Mfg info, but they were not able to give me an exact year of mfg. The data plate was very clear on the unit I inspected.
Sometimes we just can’t pin it down, but I sure try.

Thank you for the update James. I will store that information.
I always seem to get the dirtiest data plates. Just my luck.

If it’s ECR International, then another option is that the first three digits are year-year-quarter, so that 921 would be first quarter of 1992. Either way it looks like a 1992 unit regardless of how I read the serial number.

Inspected a home today with a Pennco boiler. Would like to find out the actual mfg date.
Boiler#1605 HDS

1605 would seem to indicate that it’s one of their 16 Series Boilers, which would probably indicate that the 0511 in the serial number means that it was manufactured in May 2011.

I just inspected two Pennco Series-9 gas-fired HW boilers with the data:

Model: 1505 HWD
Serial: 99335-0521

Model: 1503 HWD
Serial: 99410-0321

Hoping someone could help me with the mfg date and capacity of these.
Thank’s in advance.

How old would one be with a SN of 061400522?

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