Age ?

Trying to determine age, any help would be appreciated.

Janitrol Gravity Furnace
Serial# 1049B0554

Thanks in advance…

10th month of 1949 is my take on it

I think the b may be a 8 that would make it 1998

I didn’t think Janitrol was around in 1949 My mistake

Janitrol was founded in 1894 and bought by Goodman in 1982

Learn something every day

[FONT=AGaramond-Regular][size=4]Division of Surface Combustion[/size][/FONT]
[size=4][FONT=AGaramond-Regular]Co. became division of Midland-Ross in 1960,
division of Tappan in 1977. Janitrol name sold to
Goodman Mfg. in 1982. Also sold as Goodman,Hamilton, Johnstone, Sears Kenmore.

Here a pic of the name plate. See if this helps. It is old. Just not sure how old.


Why dont you call goodman and ask them??

I’m on here, in no rush, and so I thought I would just put the question out there. I will certainly call on monday, if I do not get a confident response. Thanks!