Janitrol AC Unit age?


I’m trying to determine the age of the following Janitrol unit. I’m guessing that it was manufactured in 96’, however, I can’t seem to find anything on their nomenclature on-line. If anyone has any details on Janitrol’s nomenclature and wouldn’t mind sharing, it would be greatly appreciated.

Janitrol, Model No. AA1CJ036-C, Serial No. 1296E14228

Also, what would be considered an average life expectancy in the northeast for one of these units?



you would be correct

**Janitrol **
Date of Manufacture: The manufacturing date code is the first, second, third, and fourth digits of the serial number, and represented the Year and Month of manufacture.

Sample Serial Numbers: The year is indicated in Red and the month in Blue.

  • 0202477348 - This sample serial number indicates that the unit was manufactured in February of 2002.
  • 0603251321 - This sample serial number indicates that the unit was manufactured in March of 2006


Would you mind sharing where you found the information on Janitrol’s nomenclature? I contacted Goodman and they didn’t even recognize the numbering.



Goodman Product Specification Sheets. To understand the model code numbers see the nomenclature page on each specification download for the product you wish to research.

I’m trying to identify the age of a Janitrol Gas Boiler. Serial number is J-20-9389. I know it is definitely not 1989, wondering if it might be 9/38. House built in 1900.

Couldn’t find anything pn this number, most of the serial numbers are 10 digits, do you have the right number

Yes. It looks ancient.