Agents asking how they get in on InterNACHI's "We'll Buy Your Home Back" Guarantee.

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Becoming a Referred to Realtor

I would like to know how I become one of the Realtors that you all use to list and sell the homes that you all “Buy Back” through your Buy back guarantee program.

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Simple. Just recommend an inspector who participates in InterNACHI’s “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee:

Sounds like he wants to sell the homes that the program buys back!

Exactly. Read between the lines. His inference is that Nachi inspectors “suk” and that enough homes are purchased to make a huge profit off of all the mistakes. Scumbag tactics! This isn’t thinking outside the box, it’s flat out greed.

You’re going to need a better way to find them.

I believe Nick try’s to use the agent that was originally involved in the transaction to help boost the inspectors credibility with the agent, so the inspector is not deemed a total idiot and screwing over the client.


And per the Buy Back program’s language, the buyers agent gets 1st dibs on the listing.

So essentially, he can’t get those listings unless the buyers agents declines.
And, per what Nick tells us, there aren’t many home bought back to be resold.

We give the listing to the agent that referred the InterNACHI member. That way the keep on referring that InterNACHI member.

I meant a better way for the agent to the find the inspector. I don’t care much. I don’t participate. The link he sent the agent sucks though.

I personally think Nick’s response was perfect. You want to participate in the buyback program then you have to support an Internachi member. Of course with the very low buybacks happening you will still be a realtor using the quality inspectors from Internachi and still only seeing the odd buyback happening.

Curiousity has me today and it would be interesting to know just what the percentages are of homes inspected by Buyback supporters who have had to submit to Internachi for a buyback. My thoughts are that you have a higher chance of getting hit by space debris from Blue Origin then having to ask for the buyback policy to be used.

George… you’ve totally missed the point of It’s not insurance like your home owner’s insurance you carry for your house which will likely never burn to the ground. It’s a marketing tool to sew up entire real estate offices.

Actually Nick I do understand the concept and the marketing tool. Which by the way is extremely unique and says alot about the training Internachi provides for us. I am a bit of a fence sitter (yeah I am one of those) and like to do a fair bit of research before taking the plunge. So in short. YOU BETCHA. Watch me do the swan dive and take the plunge. Gimmick or not it sounds like an excellant marketing tool and even if it only brings in one extra client a year it paid for itself.
So done did and done.

That’s not the way the world works in my neck of the woods. Any little bump in the road equals a lost of any future referrals from most realtors. So I much rather have business from client referrals instead of realtor referrals.

Not for any of the homes we’ve purchased. When a home inspector gets in some scuffle with a nutty consumer, the agent shares that consumer with the inspector. The consumer is the agent’s and inspector’s common client and so the agent usually gets dragged into it.

Agents are in total awe when we just come in, buy the house, and give the agent the listing so she can earn another commission. Our participating InterNAHIC member typically owns her entire real estate office at that point. The best thing that could ever happen to your inspection career is to have us buy a house back.

Agents are now demanding the Buy Back Guarantee and we’re building them online ads:

We’re closing on another home in Florida next week and we hired the agent who referred the InterNACHI member to do both sides of the transaction and then gave her the listing. She’s part of a large team and you can probably guess who their home inspector of choice is now and forever.