Another REALTOR uses InterNACHI's Buy Back Guarantee to land more business. Watch!

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InterNACHI’s We’ll Buy Your Home Back Guarantee has two booths at the upcoming annual National Association of REALTORs Convention in San Diego.

That inspector looked familiar. :wink:

B roll.

I can see this kind of ad spreading all over.

Why is the inspector on the roof shown in the video? He is not participating in the Buy Back Program. Why is he in the video?

It’s just B roll of different inspections in progress. We cut a deal with the agent to provide the guarantee to ALL his clients provided the inspection was performed by any InterNACHI member.

We have so many agents wanting in on it (It’s really a sales tool for agents) that we’re looking at doing the same for the entire real estate industry. We’ll be exploring the idea with some of the largest real estate companies in the country at the NAR Convention next month.

Well, in my opinion not that it counts. The inspector and his company should not be identified since he is not participating. His name is not mentioned but his company name is on the side of his truck.

Come up here and let us shoot some footage of you and we’ll put you in the next agent’s video. We’re going to produce hundreds of such online videos for real estate agents.

Anyway, it looks like another agent is going to be touting the program on his real estate radio show. I’ll have more info on it soon.

Great idea, Nick!

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Hey Gang! This is Marshall, head of video production here at InterNACHI and I produced this video for Tony at HQ Homes. He is really excited to start this marketing push and it is going to be a great boost to InterNACHI home inspectors in the Denver area.

I know there was some concern about the inspectors I used for the B-roll. I reached out to both of them and they were okay with being in the video. Also, as far as the concern about Jim’s contact info being visible. That info is on-screen for a total of 48 frames out of 2,610 frames of video. That works out to be about .02% of the total video. With the motion blur that is on that section from the camera movement it is doubtful that he is going to get calls based on this video.

I hope this clarifies things. Also, if you are in the Denver/Boulder area and want to be in our archive of b-roll for our videos let me know.



Do we have a state by state listing of participating inspectors like for CMI’s or Featured Inspectors to make it easy for people to find one vs scrolling the whole list.

Not broken down state by state, but we have a list of participating inspectors that you can search on:

Saw it … but just thinking if a Realtor or buyer was looking for one thats a lot of work scrolling thru the list to see if there’s one in your area.

Ought to be easy to break them down by state.