What do we generally recommend for algea covered shingles? H/O obviously will not get up and clean off…
Sorry, Algea, not Aglea…

Asphalt composition shingles covering the roof of this home had black staining visible consistent with staining caused by algae growth. Algae growth is caused by long-term moisture on shingles. The Inspector recommends keeping the roof free of debris in the future. This staining may be lightened by the use of special cleaners
Any roof cleaning should be performed by a qualified contractor. Power washing should be avoided.

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what do you tell your clients when you have 3 layers of shingles? We are in snow zone in Indiana also?

The roof had three existing layers of composition asphalt shingles installed at the time of the inspection. One layer is now the maximum allowed. This condition will result in the following:
When new roofing is required, all three layers will need to be removed before new roofing material can be installed. Whoever owns the home at the time of replacement will be required to pay for removal and disposal of the old shingles, and for materials and installation of the new roof-covering materials. This is much more expensive than simply adding another layer and you may wish to take this into account in your consideration of this property.
Reduced asphalt shingle service-life of the existing shingle roof compared to similar shingles installed over a proper substrate.
Any warranty offered for the shingles is now void. and
Shingles will be more easily damaged by hail.

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The roof needs cleaning…Ah Huh?

What type of contractor would anyone recommend…Huh?
Let me look in the phone book for roof cleaner contractors…None.
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Here is what I’d say… Screw the rest of you…
“The roof surface had a considerable amount of leaves and other organic debris. And is in need of cleaning”.

Your client could hire a qualified roofing contractor to come out and clean the shingles using the steps found in the link below if your client does not want to get on the roof. Or maybe the roofer has another way to clean the shingles safely and without damaging the existing shingles.

How to Remove and Prevent Black Algae Stains on Asphalt Shingle Roofs

Would you hire a licensed building contractor to clean your exterior wall?
I would go as far as a Licensed Professional. But a friggin’ roofin’ contractor…Nope!
You would be a laughing stock in that trade !

Zinc strips are also available that will help prevent future growth.

I don’t know how you do it in Flor Ida, but roofing contractors offer the service here. Clean and repair in one shop.

I have a professional building cleaner that I met on a commercial years ago that does my entire dwelling every year for about 200 smackers.
A licensed professional…That is my point.
They even pressure brush my drive.

Technically, in CA, if it’s under $600 no license is required. How about just a professional?

I will agree to that %100 Frank…Yep!
Typo: I have a professional building “cleaner”.