What Are Your Thoughts ?

Very clean 1984 house. No interior moisturs, no documentation on roof as this is a as is short sale.

Looks like the start of extractive bleeding to me. :slight_smile:

28 year old three tab asphalt shingle roof?
is there a question here?

Not 100% sure it is the original roof. I am still waitig on the REA to see if they can get any info.:roll:

Very doubtful for a 28 year old 3 tab shingle. :slight_smile:

Simply looks like algae growth. See it more and more on asphalt shingles. Wonder if it has anything to do with the change in materials composition believed to be going on in shingle manufacture (due to high oil/asphalt costs) that does not give us the quality and shingle life we were used to.

A few companies are now producing “AR” (algae resistant) shingles…we’ll see in the long run.

Looks like algae stains to me.

I agree, black stains are algae. See it often. Is that the north side?


Do you have a picture of the rake to determine if there are multiple layers?

If it is original 28 years it is performing beyond its serviceable life.

The dark areas are just algae stains and very common.

It is only 1 layer. but I will agree with the algee.:shock:


28 years, that roof looks to good for that age. Maybe they did a tear off and re/roof.

I agree with you Dave, it is in too good of a condition for being 28 years old. It is somewhat puzzling as the wall/roof flashing looks in good condition. In my area, unless they pulled the siding off to re-flash, that flashing would be in a worse shape after the new shingles are installed. Perhaps they were real careful…

James, how was the attic vented?

Never mind, they probably re-flashed when they added the vinyl siding.