AIG announcement for those inspectors with E&O insurance.

If AIG is such a “solid” company with 1 Trillion in assets, why did it require Federal help?

I’m asking because I don’t get it.

You’d think there would be buyers standing in line to purchase this “solid” “$Trillion” plus company at a discount.

“One trillion in assets but not enough liquidity” means they need more money so they
don’t have to cut into their executive bonuses this year (probably several billion).
It’s tough, but someone has to do it.:slight_smile:

But it should not be the government and the American taxpayer.

All of us inspectors need to switch our policies to AIG because we as tax payers already own them anyway :mrgreen:. Like McCain says “Country Fïrst” :shock:

Please see this attachment as it pertains to AIG and E&O insurance. There’s no need for concern at this point.


Do you really think that a company is going to come out and say how it really is? I think what happened yesterday says it all.

Perhaps this article might shed some light on the situation and how it pertains to AIG and E&O insurance.

Nope that didn’t help at all. I say let them fail. It is going to happen sooner or later anyway. The government is just delaying the inevitable. This country is screwed. It is just a matter of time before there is no more tax dollars to be used to create a false sense of security. Lets get rid of the multi million and multi billion dollar compensation packages for upper management. Lets devalue the preferred shares instead of the common ones. Everything that happened yesterday just takes care of the upper one percent. The problem is that the other 99% are to stupid to know that they are being screwed.

While your concerns are legitimate, I’m posting this information as it relates to E&O insurance for inspectors. Hence the title of the thread.

Thank you for your info Ben.

No problem. Upon hearing the news about AIG, I was just as concerned as you were/are for obvious reason. And I’ve been getting quite a few phone calls about this matter. My intention is to inform people about the E&O specifically, that’s all. It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out.

Hey I understand I have a life policy with AIG that I have been paying on for over 10 years. I guess the good thing is that I will be dead when it is time for them to pay up so it really won’t matter for me. I wish I had known what I know now 22 years ago as I would have never had kids. I tell my kids now that they should really look at what the world is like now before thinking about having kids.

The makers of the movie Solvent Green predicted the future of this world much better than anything else I have ever seen.

I’m not so sure how I’d feel if my Dad told me not to have kids. :wink:

It is Soylent Green, not Solvent Green. It starred the former President of the NRA.