Air Force goofs up again by blowing up a spy balloon all over the ocean

The military should just call me first, before doing anything…


No shit! Don’t think it was a goof up though.
This country is now run by idiots!


It is pretty odd. Why would you blow it to smithereens? Just poke a couple holes in it and float it down, lol. Odd.

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A little extreme, just to pop a balloon! :rofl:

“Multiple fighter and refuelling aircraft were involved in the mission, but only one — an F-22 fighter jet — took the shot, using a single AIM-9X missile, a senior U.S. military official said.”

Half a million US dollars to pop a balloon. Only in America.

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We’ll just print more $ as we need it… :man_shrugging:


I was wondering why they wouldn’t just take a couple shots with their M61. Maybe they were trying to destroy the evidence that would disprove their narrative.


cheaper alternative

They could have gone old school too…


Poke a hole in it and when it gets low enough, snag it with a C-130 Hercules…
HD Stock Footage JC-130A Air Recovery of Space Capsule, Space Program 1960’s - YouTube
Or with the newest version of it…
MC-130J Hercules that Can Swim - YouTube

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You know what this reminds me of? Remember when they lied and said the killed the most wanted terrorist in the word (Osama bin Laden). And while bringing the body back, the Admiral of the ship decides that no one needs good photographs, no one needs an autopsy, no one needs to take DNA samples. He just wrapped something up in the shape of a body (like an Egyptian mummy) and threw him overboard and didn’t take note of where they dumped him into the ocean.



We just shot something else down over Alaska.

Mystery Over Why Chinese Spy Balloon Wasn’t Shot Down Over Alaska Solved (

That’s the same military brass that attacked the wrong two countries after 911, somehow couldn’t find Saudi Arabia, imprisoned innocent people for years in a torture camp, refused to release them after we deemed them innocent, calls owners of the property they trespass onto “insurgents,” misplaced a trillion dollars, dumped bin Laden’s body overboard before an autopsy or DNA could be taken, and then has the audacity to wear a chest full of medals when testifying in front of Congress… then tries to explain why instead of letting the Chinese balloon down easy where we could analyze it, blows it up all over the ocean and lets the parts sink over a 7 mile stretch.

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