Missing jet

I sure wish they would figure this out soon.
If anyone is following this circus and has any questions let me know.
I have 20 yrs experience working on full flight simulators (not the $8k one the pilot owned but the 5 to 10 mil type). I can fly any of the big jets and have hundreds of hours experience flying the simulators in very unusual circumstances and performing various flight tests.

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I don’t think this current debris search near Australia is going to pan out.
That item that is 73 x 40 is too big.
All current info points to a hijacking, either by a pilot or someone else that was riding in the cockpit (“jump seat”) or gained access to the cockpit. Just don’t know if it was a suicide mission or if the plane has landed somewhere. Its just not a typical suicide mission since it appears the plane flew awhile after the transponder and ACARS was turned off. If it landed, they will have a hard time getting the plane refueled unless they planned that part long ago. I know one thing for sure, the mods that will be done to jets to prevent this sort of thing are already in the works and will cost a boat load.

I think all we’d have to do is find him, and ask, I think he sees it…:|.)

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I think if it was hijacked someone would have taken credit for it or asked for ransom by now.

Normally yes, but nowadays the jet can be a future valuable weapon and flown by anyone with minimal training. The new terrorism methods will not include anyone taking credit because that results in drone activity that scares the crap out of them.

According to the news, they are just now starting to use the higher resolution satellites. This is what will find something.

DB Cooper has the answers you seek.

Didn’t you hear? It has been solved. :wink:

Made my laugh. Nothing beats good satire. Well played Stephen.

Wow. Apparently “heaven” is only a plane ticket away.

The purpose of terrorism is to gain notice for the cause. It’s very unlikely that this is a terrorism incident. Drones have little to do with it. Drone strikes will be on high value targets regardless of what is currently going on in the world.

If this is terrorism they might not want to be noticed yet. Maybe they are planning on loading it with explosives and flying it into a target?

It’s interesting that we spend billions to develop stealth planes that can evade radar and here a regular passenger jet that is not stealth was not able to be tracked by radar???

From Stephen’s link:

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Once the plane got above 45,000 ft., the gravitational force of the nearest black hole sucked it in. I heard about that on CNN and it must be true.

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