Air gap 0"

What do ya’ll think about this flue? House is 1 YRO… The flue tag clearly states “Caution, 2” gap to combustibles or insulation is required."

Oh yah… Purlin supports are for wimps… We don’t need them in Texas, our lumber is stronger… lol…





Joking aside, the installation could require a drywall chase, isolating the flue from the oxygen-rich atmosphere of the attic. Better check with a local specialist.


It may have started out with 2" of space…but as I see in may new homes we build and hire the guys to do the fireplaces…if they dont support the flue correctly it can shift…probably what happened here.

Do as keith stated…but yes I would call it out most certainly because the required space is no longer their…ALSO most i see will require a metal fire pan between floors…this also helps to keep the flue centered.

Good info here

Great Stuff Mike…Yep I was right about the metal fire stop…

If the flue tag states 2" then it must have 2" space…and from this picture is also as stated does not have a fire stop…I would most certainly write it up.

The vent must be installed by the manufactures requirements…