Framed chimney

Recommendation was to have further evaluated.

The inspection was limited on the inside and attic. The roof is going to need replacing. I advise to rip this chimney off when reroofing and have the proper vent instsalled.

The was about a 1 inch opening at the top. Is this enogh air space?

If you look at the attic picture between the rafters at the end is the chimny. There is no clearance from combustables.



What does it vent? if it’s for a fuel burning furnace i’d say it’s inadiquate. if it’s for a gas funace i’m not so sure, but it seems to short either way.

Does the chimney met the requirements for the 3’ high and 10’ rule? Also, is the chimney capped? Hard to see the attic pic. Fire box should cover the clearance.


I think I know where you mind is at about the clearance to combustibles issue in regard to a chimney. If I understand the present IRC requirements, combustible framing and sheathing are allowed to abut a brick chimney provided that::::: at least 12 inches distance exists between the inner flue and the point where the combustible material abuts the exterior portions of the brick. If this distance is less the 12”, and the chimney abuts a wall which is facing the interior portion of the home, there should be a 2” air gap, and on the exterior this gap may be 1.” During a home inspection, it can in some instances be difficult to determine if this distance (12” gap) is correct. If you are not very sure, or feel uncomfortable with your gut instinct, defer it to a mason to assess and evaluate.

Chimney fire blocking must be installed in the air gap to prevent fire spread directly up into the attic or next story. This fire blocking can be non-flammable insulation, or as is standard practice here in central Texas, mortar is commonly used to fill that gap (however I have a few misgivings about that practice) Mainly because I feel that mortar can conduct heat, and transfer it to combustibles better then insulation will… I make a note, and take a photo of the material used to construct the fire block on my report if the home has a chimney.

I hope I have this figured out correctly, and I hope my info helps.

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It sure looks like an old rusted simulated brick metal chimney. Was there a UL rating anywhere on it?

Dale, I do beieve you’re right…

I tend to agree with Dale, that this is an imitation chimney constructed of metal.

I would refer to the NFPA 211 for listed or un-listed chimneys (8.0) and (Factory Built Chimneys 6.0) and also see chapter where it says that unlisted metal chimneys shall not be installed in one-and two family dwellings.

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