Air handler drip pan

Does a furnace a/c air handler in the attic need a drip pan?

Just the A-coil section which I can not see it your pic

I see 2 condensate drain lines.

That could be the primary and the secondary straight off the coil does not mean there is a pan installed as required

Check with your local building department. Here in my area, it is not a requirement.

When overflow of the unit can damage building materials it needs a secondary means of draining or a shut off. That can be a drip pan with a shut off switch or drain tube. It can also be just installing the secondary drain tube. Obviously the drip pan inside would be needed. At least this is my understanding of it.

primary and secondary drain and drip pan with safety overflow switch is required in mpls and st paul . any thing over finished area that creates condensate

No it doesn’t need one.
but you may experience a wet ceiling if the drain pan clogs up.