Air of vapor barrier?

1954 ranch home.

Home had a black rolled material that looked like roofing material down on the attic floor. Seemed to me it was an air barrier. No ice dams noted.

The insulation was 1-3 inches and was inadequate for this area in accordance to current insulation requirments.

The vent is the kitchen that does not extend properly, roof had 2 high vents(Blocked and stained), no low vents.

Knob & tube buried in insulation.

So just wanted to ask what the black material is and would you call it a air barrier?

5 degrees and sunny!! Was invigerating!!

Beats the 20-40 below that my Minnesota friends are expieriencing.

So Mike how much colder does -20 feel from 0 and -40 feel from -20?

Looks like a vapor barrier? to me and it is on the cold side in OHIO I think it needs to be on the warm side .
I am concerned with kitchen vent where does it end.
I am not as concerned with roof vents in the near future I expect to see no attic vents.
More vents more moisture and air pulled from the home itself.

Looks to me like a rookie’s attempt to keep the roof from leaking into the ceiling with felt paper. Of course that won’t work unless you tape the seams, not to mention the condensation problems with having a vapor barrier on the cold side. Check to see if the roof leaks were addressed and suggest that the paper be removed.

I see a vent protruding into the attic. No No.
Has to continue out the roof.
The vents should be opened.
There is a covering on the insulation.??? Is it rolled felt or a solid board material about 1/2 inch thick.
Solid material would be ten-test.A form of insulation for exterior roofing and other insulating purposes.its OK.
Rolled tar paper-if perforated is questionable. Say no even if perforated, it will trap moisture…
Should be VR. Vapor Retarder Mr.Macy
Please explain about the nob and tube. Is it in use? It should not have insulation resting on it because if the insulation gets wet or even damp you have one large conductor and possible a fire hazard.

1 Venting in attic sealed shut. Should be opened.
2: Upgrading of insulation and old tar paper of ten-test should be considered by a qualified roofing or insulation company.
recommendations for insulation…Vapor Retarded to be placed with new insulation.
3: if the electrical ball and tube are still in service.
Removal of insulation is recommended.
A qualified electrician also recommenced for evaluation on attic ball and tube.
Reason. The ball and tube are covered with insulation and if insulation gets wet from roof leak or damp from condensation will pose a safety concern.
Now take my explanation with a grain of salt.
I am asking for others to comment on it please.