Black felt insulation???

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Came across material can’t seem to get my thumb on, as for a real name. It is like felt material, 3/4 - 1" this, in sheets. I found in in an attic storage area, and it was layed out like insulation.

Any names?




Looks like automobile underhood insulation :cool: but I really don’t know.

Is it a stiff board like substance, or is it more fabric?

This and several others look simular



Barry Adair hit it on the head. It’s acoustical insulation, like Micheal suggested. I was baffled since I’ve seen it before. Our standby generators had it covering walls to for noise reduction, but I couldn’t understand its house connection.

Just a note, from hat I can see with my limited access to the attic area, the house is insulated with rolled batts of fiberglass insulation. Complete with vapor barrier, but the weird part, it’s only about an 1" thick?

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Smuggled outa the mill in a lunchbox. :stuck_out_tongue:

John Kogel

it is probably asphalt sheathing that was used on walls in the 60’;s some people thought it would work for attic insulation

I’m responding to this old thread because I think I know what this is, and the answer hasn’t been posted yet.

This is jute batting. It is felt that is layered between two faces. It was invented by Charles A Upson of Lockton New York (see US patent 1,901,999). I’velinked to a PDF of the patent.

Furthermore, here are some images of this type of insulation from an old house.

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Possible ten/test roofimg and exterior envelope insulation.
Goes back to the 1960.
Bitumen saturated partical board. Protectoboard Polyisocyanurate (ISO) insulation. “TENTEST” is a soft particle board that’s ussually sold in 4’X8’ Sheets. Celulose if I am not mistaken. Could be wrong.
If you shear the board it will expose a whitish interior.
One manifacture. IKO