Air pressure test for plumbing!!!

Does anyone out there do air pressure tests for plumbing at all or everytime you inspect. This is not something I have done or that I want to do each time because it seems to be something that a plumber would be more suited for.

Am I completely wrong in that statement?

I do water pressure tests for the psi. But is anything beyond that out of the scope of the inspection?

I just want to know if this is something I should or shouldn’t be doing.


I only test the PSI.

If you are speaking of the supply side, it is already under pressure when the water is on.

If you are speaking of the drain side, you would have to cap the vents, all drains, etc., then pressurize. This is something a plumber would do, not a home inspector.

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Yee haw!!!:d

I have to agree with Blaine. Not really a home inspectors area, don’t you think. Call a plumber if that’s how they want it tested, offer to tag along with him, if you want to get into this later on. I wouldn’t touch it though. Good luck Scott.

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I would not and will not do it. I have a realtor asking if I do it because of a nightmare client she is dealing with.

I deferred it to a plumber.

Thanks for all the replies!:smiley:

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Ian, I’m coming up for the InterNACHI seminar in Milwaukee on the 24th. If you are going, maybe I’ll see ya!


Scott, this is a test that has to be preformed by the plumber in order to pass the code inspectors test . as a HI it is not necessary , if you are inspecting a new home then get with the plumber and let him show you how this is done. again after the system has been pressurized you would see any leaks because it’s under water presure just test the water pressure using a water pressure gauge at a faucet . good luck

“Sure I’ll ‘have’ a pressure test done on the plumbing for you. I’m in the middle of something right now, but can I give you a call back in just a little bit with an estimate for an inspection that includes that?..”

I’d then get on the phone with a local plumber and find out how much he would charge me to sub the plumbing component of the inspection including a pressure test. I’d tack that price on to the top of my regular inspection price and call the guy back.

I’ve done the water psi test on request on a client. Do you do the water psi test on every inspection…?

I do

I used a pressure/flow meter on every inspection and then took a picture of the meter.

Sounds like I should incorporte this into my HI’s.


I lived in Chester County, PA which was mostly on private wells. Today I shot a show for www.NACHI.TV on using pressure and flow meters on an inspection. It will air in March.

Same here.

Around here it is done in conjunction with winterizing.

I’ve thought about offering this service for bankowned properties that the bank won’t turn the water on. There are so many of them now. I’d only check the supply side, not the waste. Any thoughts on this, Liability issues?


Kevin, a trick I used to do is to take the pic of the meter from an angle which reveals something in the background that if need be (never needed to), my attorney could ask in court if the plaintiff recognizes the background as part of their home. Time/date stamps help too.

Next week I’ll have us a deal on special meters for home inspectors for this.

My credo is to stay within the SOP, it’s the first line of defense.