Air pressure test on water line

Recently I have had a number of HUD homes come up for inspection. They all want an air pressure test for the water lines as they have been vacant and may be missing fixtures, etc. I referred this to a plumber but is anyone doing their own air pressure tests? Thx, John Beasley

I do not. If there is no water I disclaim it. I dont have the equipment to pressure test the plumbing.

I’m guessing no one.

I offer this as a service and charge an additional $50 to pressure test the lines.

I can send you a procedure that I follow if you would like.

I would like that John. My email is Do you ever water test DWV lines?

The procedure would be welcome and so thank you very much. John Beasley

I really have not thought about testing drain waste.
How would you propose sealing the system to air test?

I will email our the procedure later this evening.

Hydrostatic pressure would be my choice as opposed to pneumatic.
And it is there already.
Now a combination of both is good.