Air Quality Inspection?

Hi, a homebuyer here. We’re about to buy a house, except we just encountered one major problem: my wife gets headaches and a tight throat when she is in the house for more than 15 minutes. She has no known allergies. House hasn’t bothered me, but it does smell a bit musty.

The home is about 75 yrs old, wood frame on raised piers, hot-humid climate (Louisiana), no known history of flooding, no mold disclosed by seller (but it may exist). Windows have been painted shut. We really like the house, it’s a bit of an underpriced gem in a desirable neighborhood. But we can’t chance being sick all the time.

Here’s the question: What are the range of problems that generally cause this? Could it just be we need to open the darn windows? If there are bigger problems, are they always fixable (within a reasonable budget)?

We’re ready to make an offer, and put (some) money into improving air quality. But we don’t want to buy a house that makes us sick, and that we can’t fix. We’re trying to decide whether this is something a good inspector can diagnose, or if it’s better to not even make an offer.

Baton Rouge, LA

Hi, here is a list of Home Inspectors that are Certified Indoor Air Consultants in Louisiana:

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Ok, thanks, we’re just passing on the house. Our worst fear is that an air quality inspector won’t find anything, and then we’ll be stuck with a house that makes us sick. Not worth our time, even if it is a really cute house.

Hmmm as its in Louisiana you may want to try this,

If the inspector knows what he is doing and your wife is experiencing symptoms only in this house, the inspector would have figured it out.