High Humidity in House

In a house that has <70% in the entire living space (976 sq.ft.). In the crawlspace, humidity >50%, there was some exposed earth under an addition and a leaking toilet, repairs have been made. The Attic is dry. Recommended gas furnace be checked out by the pros, it is fine. Dryer and bathrooms vent properly. No aquariums or animals of any kind. Did a complete thermal scan of the interior with no indications of moisture found Conditions at the time of the inspection was around 12 degrees with several inches fresh snow cover. Even though I am a newer NACHI member I have been inspecting houses for 14 years, certainly no rookie. Any ideas my fellow inspectors?

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Was there a vent free fireplace present?

My apologizes. Not trying to be elusive, I am newbie on the site. I checked my settings and all the fields are completed. Please tell me where or what I missed. I live and operate in south central Idaho.

Yes there is a converted wood to gas fireplace. It would not light during the inspection so I showed it as a defect recommended a pro and moved on with the inspection. The real estate agent told me the HVAC tech said it is in good working order. I went back and looked at my pictures and yes indeed it is vent free. So I would say you are spot on!

Pictures show the damper was closed at the time inspection but I did operate it. Another reason I take a couple of hundred pictures. Would it be reasonable to think that partially opening the damper would reduce the humidity?

Thanks again Mike!

Kenney Young CPI
R&C Inspections

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Done. Thank you

How did you check the ambient humidity?

The first thing you have to do is quit using 'Relative Humidity". That says nothing about the ‘amount’ of moisture in the air. It only represents the capacity of the air to hold moisture under those temps and pressures…

Since when are we required to check humidity levels?

P.S. It’s 64% inside my house right now (raining outside) and I’m nice and dry and comfy.

Hi Ken… Did you check humidifier settings?..
… But more important provide a full autobiography, proofread your post and make website correction before us experts bother to answer you… Lol

Don’t see where I used the term…

No requirement

Funny thing about “experts”… They don’t know what they don’t know.
For those of you with helpful comments…Thanks so much…for you nit pickers go bother some one else

You’re welcome. :smiley:

The fireplace is not vent free if it had a damper.

You don’t sound like a newbie. Sound a bit like an arrogant know it all to me.

True…unless the renter does not open it. There are zero regulations in Idaho regarding Vent Free gas fireplaces. This house is a rental. My theory is they open the damper and all the Heat goes up the chimney. They close it and they feel the heat. Wouldn’t be the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.

That’s funny cause arrogant was my first impression of you also. I’m new to this forum have been inspections since 2006.

If the vent free gas logs is the moisture problem they would be better off replacing it with a vented log set instead of having the damper open while using the present set up. Using ventless gas logs with an open damper is a complete waste of money…

I agree. Thanks Chris!