Air Quality Testing?

I’ve had a couple of realtors ask if I do Air Quality testing, anyone else do this, if so, with what lab/equipment?

If your this new…I would pass on it. There is a TON to learn about this and the liability is very very high.

If you don’t even know what it is, then consider subbing it out.

Its the realtors way of getting him-her-self out of the picture if mold or other issues are found by the new homeowner(s), and you may not have found any issues…lawsuit waiting to happen, and it all yours my friend, all yours.

Run Forest Run…:shock:

It is remarkably easy. However, you really need to have the foundation of education and information before such an undertaking and get yourself some pollution insurance to go along with what you already have. Take the IAQ course here, but also seek others. Connect with a local, in-state lab, form a partnership and work closely with them to understand processes. Purchase the right equipment. I started with and did a lot of business initially with one air pump. Kinda funny but it worked. Work with the lab to establish yourself and get going. But only after you have all of the above in place. Lastly, if we let liability rule our lives, we would never leave the house. Someone will do it, why not you! Learn what is necessary to be good at it and have at it.

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I started with all related information from EPA. I then went to IAC2 and took those courses. Where I live there is a local lab.I have been lucky they provide all test equipment I need including materials for bulk samples. When finished, I sit down with someone and discuss the situation at inspection site. Also I am lucky enough to have a neighbor in the remediation biz. My advice is to study as many materials as possible, learn the process and remember that you will be there to observe and collect samples let the lab people determine what is what.

I do it all the time. What liability? As long as your chain of custody form is filled out properly, and your lab is half decent, I can’t see how you would get sued over it.

Ok, we just see it differently is all.

**IF **you decide to proceed… **EMSL **is a high quality lab and I cannot give them enough praise!

Bonus that you have one in you back yard!

They have tons of info on their site to get you going, and they are only a phone call away to help you succeed. Some of the best Customer Service you will find in the industry!

I agree with that 100%. Great people to work with.

There are many varieties of in-home test kits. Generally speaking, identifying the purpose for the test can help determine which type of kit to use (as with Russ’s example of the Radon Gas test kits.)

I frequently work with clients who aren’t necessarily looking for a test that will identify and breakdown every single chemical/organic compound and/or particulate in their air individually, and probably wouldn’t know (or want to know) what all of the lab results might mean, but instead just want to visibly see if they’ve got a lot of particulate, mold and mildew spore and bacteria floating around in their indoor environment as well as on surfaces. (More simply said, they just want to know how “clean” their home is.) With these individuals, I give them a simple to use, free petri dish kit with instructions, and consult with them before and after their test. Once we determine if it looks like there could be something to be concerned about, then we talk about further testing and possible solutions. A lot of times the petri dish test acts as the “pre-test” kit in order to help determine if the more costly and detailed tests are warranted or desired. And since there’s no charge for the petri dish kit it’s a pretty painless experience. (Kids get into it too because it’s like a little home based science project!)

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For those of you who do Air Quality Testing, how much do you charge? Obviously I realize that all areas will be different, but I am just looking for a general idea. I have been considering having this as an add on service for my company Home Inspector Albuquerque

Mold air testing is $125 per sample.

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