Info on mold inspections needed

From experienced and / or current mold inspectors / testers.

Looking to expand my hi business into the mold inspection / testing industry.

Can anyone give me info or recommendations on equipment I should carry, what kind of costs I would incur, labs that I should use, ball park for fees for inspections / tests and anything else I should know that I have not mentioned.

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Did you take our free, online mold-related courses? There is a list of them here:

I recently took the mold and radon courses.

Thanks to Ben for the hard work putting these together.

I learned a lot. There is a lot to learn about mold and radon.

The radon is more of a refresher for me but the mold testing/samling/protocol was all newer to me.

I have been working on the Building science and this is big with mold inspecting as well as general and IR.

Thanks to Nick as well for directing me to the right people to make a professional decision on lab and equipment. It was a pleasure taking to the contact you gave me.

INachi has so much to offer, it is just taking advantage and using to enhance my training and skills.

Obtained 32 hours of credit in 3 days, not bad.

Had a lot of inspection postponments this week due to weather and water utilities. Set a record (4) Blizzard conditions today!!

Took advantage of the Inachi training.

Thanks again!!

You have two types of sampling. Air or surface sampling. Get a good pump, I suggest the aerocell biocassete. Zefon International is the company I get all the supplies from. There is many labs to use make sure you research them to ensure you are not giving your clients bad findings. Good Luck.

What are some good labs in Florida?


He asked for good ones…


OK time to bump this thread for some more insight. I have been using for all my Radon testing needs for sometime and I have never had any issues at all and even called them for assistance a few times. OK so I just took the iac2 mold course and Let me 1st say Ben is awesome again. This was a very informative course and I am glad I gained this knowledge to add to my arsenal. OK so I need the pump and testing equipment and a good lab to use, so I am looking for recommendations ? I am In Maryland if that matters.


If you are going to go by the IAC2 standard to perform preliminary testing only, it does not really matter legally what equipment or lab you use for testing.

Jeff that is perfect, actually they are like 30 mins from me. james, yes I am just going to get into basic IAC2 sop type tsting…"to start.

Stop in and talk with them. They are extremly helpful. Even when I call the National number, I get the same great customer service. Once I switched to EMSL, I have not had need to look elsewhere. Also, since they are so close to you, no more sending samples through the mail, and you get a much faster TAT. A win-win for you and your clients. :wink:

Thanks Jeff, that’s what I was thinking also. What type of pump do you use (if any) and what tools do you prefer to use on surface samples? any info good bad or ugly? for a starter in the mold testing world?


At this time, I stick to the basics… I only perform mold “surveys”, and the occassional surface “swabs”. I am just now looking into the air pumps, but am undecided if I really want to get into that arena. I get the swabs through EMSL as needed.

I also do Radon testing and asbestos testing (including Vermiculite) also through EMSL. My local does not do the lab work on Radon. I think it goes to NJ. This may be the same for you. I really like their Radon test kits, although a bit more pricey than others. They have been very accurate, and I can get the report online and email.

Spend a little time on their website looking around. There is a lot of good info there. They also run specials on testing EQ, pumps, etc…

Jeff all excellent information, I really appreciate you taking the time.


No problem. Glad I could help.

What I was trying to say is you do not need to spend a lot of money on equipment or be concerned about detection limits in labs if you are just performing preliminary testing.
Preliminary testing is just like a regular SOP home inspection, you do not need a lot of expensive tools. Spend the difference on marketing and education, you will be better off.
EMSL is a good lab. They are my back-up lab.

Thanks Jim, I actually already called them, and they happen to have a plant close by. I am stopping by tomorrow and they said they will give me 30 swabs and 50 free swabs to get started. I think to get my feet wet i will stick to a few swab tests on some of the nasty stuff I run into. If I see a market for it Iwill invest in a good pump and do air samples as well.
Just gonna give it a whirl :cool:


There are two books that are needed 100% to understand mold and how it to clean it up. IICRC S500 and IICRC S520. I suggest you read them. IAQ radio on PODCAST is a good source of information as well.

Mold can be a very financially uplifting service. But please get educated. Knowledge is power…