Air sample in crawlspaces?

Can you take an air sample for mold in the crawl space? And if your taking tape samples, do you need outdoor air quality sample. Common sense tells me no.

Is someone living in the crawlspace?

What about outside air sample if I’m only doing swabs inside?

Typically, I’ll take one or two air samples outside, for comparative samples, then one or two inside.

If you’re tape lifting or cotton swabbing, then you see the mold and don’t need the air samples. However, my lab tests for other contaminants besides mold, so I may take one or two if the client wants them.

I doubt there’s much reason to take an air sample in the crawl space.

Thanks Michael. You confirmed my thoughts.

I don’t. But if there is enough indication that the conditions in the crawl space are conducive to mold then I take an indoor air sample of the living space. I turn on the HVAC fan to get the air circulation in the home and take a sample. Many times I have found supply ducts in contact with ground and in poor condition.

Frank it would depend on the crawl. Is it vented or not? if it is vented then there wouldn’t be much use for an air test as it would be like taking more outside samples. Some craws (around here anyway) are completely finished, conditioned air with insulation, flooring etc… so in that case the Yes an air sample would be useful if you are doing testing.