Air supplies have no filters

Inspected a home today that had 3 supply air registers but neither of them had any filters. I did see that the AC system was equipped with media filters. Shouldn’t those supply air registers still need filters to help prevent build up? Or is it ok for the media filter only?

There are a lot of HVAC systems out there with one filter at the air handler.

Is that acceptable to just have it at the air handler or is it better/recommended to have it at the supply registers too?

For me it doesn’t matter as long as the incoming air is filtered before the air handler.


Thanks Martin

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The filter should be at the Return. Not the supply.


LOL thanks… I was mixing them up in my head hehe. Yes thats what I mean

Also typically one filter loaction is enough. Too many can restrict air flow.

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I knew what he meant.

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Thanks, good tip

Christopher has you covered.

Adam the only time I see multiple air filters on the return registers is when the air handler is located in the attic or crawlspace. These locations are not places a homeowner is going to enter every month to change out filters.


The air handler is in fact in the attic

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Bear in mind the filter is only there to protect the air handler components. With the unit in the attic it makes more sense to have the filters at the return registers (may require more than one filter).

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Thanks Bob, appreciate the info

Do not put filters in your supply vents. Your AC system should have a proper fitting filter on the return side. By placing a good fitting, high quality filter on the return vent, you will remove particles from the air before they can enter the AC system.

yes yes, i misspoke LOL… i know