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I had a one month old home yesterday with two zone Amana A/C units. The units had additional controls next to the thermostats for indoor air quality control such as humidity etc. They also had media filters near the air handlers, but there were no filters installed at the return air ducts. Do these new units not require return air filters because of the internal filters?

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Filters are not required in the return air ducts. A filter is required for the return air, but that is to protect the air handler and help keep it clean. The location of the filter in the return air stream is up to the a/c contractor and the home, however, DO NOT double filter (i.e., one in the return air grille and another at the air handler).

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I see filters in both places all the time.

Sometimes at the return air grill.

Sometimes at the air handler.

Occassionally both. Always recommend removing one of them if you see both. Units are not usually meant to be double filtered.

Sometimes the filter location is based on who is going to be changing it. I sure as heck won't be climbing into the attic or crawling into the crawl space to change a filter when I'm 70. I'll have it put in a grill so I can do it easily. But, for right now, I just keeping going to the furnace/airhandler to change it.

When I have clients who may have difficulty accessing the filter location, I make sure they are aware of it and of their basic options, do it themselves, hire someone to do it, or just have filters installed in return air grills where they can reach them.

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