Air Vent Seminar in Dallas on 19 July

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FYI! AirVent Inc. is running their annual Ask The Expert seminar in Dallas this coming week. It is a very good seminar series. If you are interested and wish to attend call 1-800-air-vent.

Background: Air Vent manufactures a full line of attic ventilation products. Each winter, Air Vent presents a technical seminar nationwide -- titled Attic Ventilation: Ask the Expert ? -- about the importance of proper attic ventilation. The audience at each seminar is a mix of residential roofing contractors, builders, remodelers, architects, inspectors and distributor salespeople. The AIA (architects), AIBD (designers), ASHI & NAHI (inspectors) and the Roof Consultants Institute (RCI) have recognized the seminar as suitable for continuing education units. Here is a seminar outline, agenda and bios on the presenters. Thank you.

Seminar Description:
? This is a technical overview of the various benefits of a balanced attic ventilation system and how to properly specify it. Includes installation tips, how to calculate if there is sufficient ventilation, a real-life case study, answers to frequently asked questions, and a Q & A period. Each attendee receives a handy attic ventilation slide-chart and a Tips & Answers booklet.

Air Vent?s Attic Ventilation: Ask the Expert? Seminar Outline:
A) The Ins and Outs of Proper Attic Ventilation: This section explains the importance of attic ventilation in today?s more airtight homes and reviews the potential consequences of insufficient attic ventilation. This section explains what a balanced attic ventilation system is and why it works best. It also reviews the two key factors affecting the movement of air: thermal effect and wind.

B) Installation Tips: In this section we share installation tips we?ve collected from roofing contractors and inspectors nationwide. Tips cover performance and aesthetics when installing intake vents and exhaust vents.
C) How Much Attic Ventilation Do You Need? In this section we review what Building Codes require for proper attic ventilation and what Air Vent recommends. We walk through the math used to calculate a proper attic ventilation system.
D) Case studies: Using ?before? and ?after? photography we take a close look at a real-world situations in which improper attic ventilation contributed to problems.
E) Answers to Frequently Asked Questions: In this section we answer the most commonly asked questions that we received at past seminars and through our 1-800-AIR-VENT hotline. Topics include: ventilating hip roofs, ventilating cathedral ceilings, and what causes ice dams and how to prevent them.
F) Benefits to the Homeowner: In this section we share tips that can be used one-on-one with the homeowner. The tips are a combination of Air Vent recommendations as well as suggestions from the field.
G) Video: We show the latest Air Vent video, ?Forces of Nature,? which highlights third-party testing comparing the performance of various styles of ridge vents and includes testimonials from contractors nationwide.

Seminar Agenda (approximately 1.5 to 2 hours):
? PowerPoint presentation (sections A through F above) = 1 hour
? Video (section G above) = 13 minutes
? Q & A = 15 to 30 minutes approx.

Seminar Leader Background:
Paul Scelsi is marketing administrator at Air Vent. He has a Bachelor?s of Arts in Communications from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. For the past seven years he has served as the Attic Ventilation: Ask the Expert? seminar leader, presenting over 250 seminars nationwide. In addition, he is responsible for producing and updating various Air Vent marketing communication materials such as technical newsletters, promotional brochures and web site content.

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Hi to all

Thanks Manny, sounds "cool" (pun intended) do you have a web link to their events listings nationally ?

Sorry scratch that I found the area on their site that should have the listings but they have not updated it:



Gerry Beaumont
NACHI Education Committee
e-mail :
NACHI phone 484-429-5466

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Hi Gerry,

Air Vent puts on a good seminar. I attended one in the past and will attend this one on Tuesday. Between their presentation and the attendee participation there is always a lot to learn.

They are always looking for case studies in which they work with the contractor and homeowner in correcting the issues. I have included a case studies checklist below from Air Vent. If anyone is aware of a good case study for them contact Mr. Scelsi and he will work with you. His contact information is:

Paul Scelsi
Air Vent
3000 West Commerce Street
Dallas, TX 75212
Phone: 214-589-7260
Cell: 214-435-5857
Fax: 214-630-7413

Air Vent also offers a number of free online tutorials. I had already mentioned it to NACHI about having them included in the list of approved education but never heard anything back. Do you have any info on that?

Air Vent Case Study Checklist

Case Study Checklist

Air Vent is continually looking for case studies or real life situations that demonstrate the importance of proper
attic ventilation. If you have a case study you?d like to share, please complete the checklist below.

We?re looking for situations you have already solved or know how you will solve. We?d also like to have
?before? and ?after? photos to complete the case study. Please contact Paul Scelsi at Air Vent?s home office
in Dallas at 1-800-373-0089 x260; email:

Thank you for your help. Air Vent may use this information in an upcoming attic ventilation newsletter or feature
it in its technical seminars.

0 Mixing two different types of exhaust vents on same roof 0 Vented drip edge uses (or other ways
(and the problems it caused) you?ve handled soffitless homes)

0 Particularly difficult-to vent homes (hips, knee walls, no 0 Power vent applications (how they were
soffit, etc.) used to solve a ventilation challenge)

0 Cathedral ceiling applications; especially valleys 0 Extra wide ridge board
(how you?ve vented them)

0 Open soffits (how you?ve provided proper intake) 0 Building a second roof deck

0 Ice dams 0 Improperly cut holes for vents

0 Tile roofs (how you?ve vented them) 0 Any difficulties with the product itself


Style of Roof

0 Basic gable 0 Intersecting gable 0 Basic hip

0 Lots of gables 0 Lots of hips 0 Other _____________________


Length of ridge Width of house Attic square footage Roof pitch

Additional details

Existing Exhaust Vents (note number in linear feet or pieces as well as type and/or brand)

Ridge Roof Louvers/Static Vents Power Fan Turbines Gable Louvers

Additional details

Existing Intake Vents (note number in linear feet or pieces)
16? x 4? undereave 16? x 6? undereave 16? x 8? undereave Continuous soffit strip
Vented drip edge Vented soffit panels (indicate overhang size and number of panels vented)

Additional details

Exterior Inspection Notes: Are there signs of damage from inadequate attic ventilation as listed below?

Yes No Yes No
0 0 Heat, moisture damage to shingles; 0 0 Icicles at edge of roof in winter.
curling, cracking, fish mouthing.

0 0 Soffits; peeling paint, signs of leaking from roof. 0 0 Uneven snow melt on roof.

0 0 Problems with ice dams in the winter months. 0 0 Gutter damage from ice dams.

Additional details

Interior Inspection Notes: Are there signs of damage from inadequate attic ventilation as listed below?

Yes No
0 0 Rust spots from nails on insulation or attic floor. 0 0 Moisture damage.

0 0 Compacted, compressed or wet attic insulation. 0 0 Rust, dirt on exposed nails.

0 0 Signs of leaks on attic ceiling. 0 0 Mold, mildew in the attic.

0 0 Blocked intake vents (insulation, improper hole 0 0 Blackened plywood.
size, paint, etc.)

Additional details

Have energy bills decreased after proper ventilation? Yes 0 No 0

Energy bills 1 year before: $ Energy bills 1 year after: $
Additional details

Name: ________________________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________

Phone: ______________________________ Fax: _______________________________________

Case Study Address: ____________________________________________________________________

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