AirTemp Furnace age

AirTemp was made by Chrysler and numbered their Furnaces the same as their cars.

The info that I have is that the fith digit is the year

Model: 42144C1421
Serial: 391123

House was build in 1979
So my choices are 1974, 1984, 1994, 2004 ???
I am thinking a replacement of the original furnace in 1994 would seem the most reasonable.

Any other input would be nice. Thanks

Preston’s lists it as 1977. 140,000 BTU

Well that is a lot closer to the build date than the information that I have



My understanding that you look at serial number to use for date purposes not model number

Yep, not the model number.

The Preston Guide lists manufactured date according to model number.

Oh, maybe I’ll get me one of them. :mrgreen: Very seldom have trouble determining age, unless they’re 30 years are older.

I bought one several years ago and never used it much. With a recent increase in commercial inspections, I got the latest Preston’s Guide and picked up RS Means Commercial Renovation Cost Data.