AKA Sub-panel neutral and ground on the same bus bar

This secondary panel has the grounds and neutrals on the same bus bar, but I noticed that the service wires coming from the main panel are in metal conduit. Does the metal conduit make a difference (house built in 1991) (I’ve always been taught that secondary panels require the neutral and grounds be separated)

You were taught correctly but do you have a picture of the service disconnect cabinet with the dead front off, Sam?

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DSCN0237 that’s the best I have, I looked down from the up and underneath. What were you looking for ? it was 400 amp copper service entry

How the grounding conductors terminate. Did you not take the cover off the breaker’s area?

No, the cover was heavy and wiped me out, looked in from the sides at the wires and breakers. Grounds and neutral were separated on the top (main disconnect was in a cabinet outside)

With the grounded conductors joining more than themselves under one termination screw, you certainly could refer it out to a qualified electrician for further review and make any correction, as needed, for the safe operational electrical cabinets/system.

It is hard to tell everything from N, MI.

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The metal conduit does not override the need for neutrals to be separated from grounding conductors in non-service panels.

If a disconnect is outside, that would be the service.

What if the disconnect would be at one of the two “connected” panels?
Would the metal conduit make it as one panel?