All the Christmas Party gifts have been shipped. Staff worked late last night.

(Nick Gromicko, CMI) #1

You should have them next week.

Merry Christmas everyone.

(Erik H. VanMeter) #2

Thanks Nick. You guys are the best

(Kenneth A. Ramm) #3

Merry Christmas Nick and Thank You

(Mark A. Timpani, CMI) #4

MC nachi and thanks

(Michael J. Meeker, CMI) #5

Merry Christmas and thank you to all who helped :slight_smile:

(Rich Figliolo) #6

Thank you St. Nick
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

(Jeff Green) #7

Thanks Nick. Merry Christmas.

(Shawn D. Staggs, CPI) #8

Thank you again Nick and Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

(Mary Ann Chiquete) #9

Thank you and your entire staff Nick, had a great time at the party, next year I will be sure to take the entire day off! I am so grateful to be a member of InterNACHI, such a great organization. Merry Christmas!

(Darrell Clegg, CMI) #10

Thanks to you and all the staff. We really appreciate all your hard work.
Everyone have a Merry Christmas!

(Michael A. Clark, CMI) #11

InterNachi is definitely the best, even if there was no Christmas party.

“St Nick” just makes it that much better, even though there are always a few whiners who want more, think it ain’t fair, etc., and just complain.

Thanks Nick!!

(Roy Lewis, CMI - North Florida Inspector) #12

Kiss a*ss!

(Brian E. Kelly, AZ Cert. # 60234) #13

Merry Christmas Nick and INACHI.:smiley:

(Michael W. Altizer, CMI) #14

Thank you again Nick and the entire InterNACHI staff. Merry Christmas

(Dennis J. Bonner) #15

Merry xmas yall. Internachi is the best hi association by far

(Dave Fetty, CMI) #16

Thank you Nick, staff, vendors and all the members who contributed to the party!:D:lol:

(Martin L. Price) #17

Thanks Nick and staff of InterNACHI. I just got mine this morning! I will put the items to great use!

(John Olson) #18

Thanks Nick got the package this morning. Merry Christmas to all.

(James Fletcher) #19

Thank You Merry Christmas

(Wayne B. Wilson, TN 439) #20

Received today , Thank you Nick and Staff