Aluminum Branch Wiring question

Attached is pic. of an outlet observed in a rental.The neutral had apparently been “cooking” for some time at the outlet which connected to the wall switch (no overhead lighting). 1.Should owner be advised to replace all additional outlets and switches to copalum? 2.Will this prevent this from happening again? 3.At a minimum should all outlets/switches be inspected for excessive heat marks by electrician. I realize this is more for an electrician to answer and as inspectors we would call this out as a safety issue and rec. a professional.
Thanks -Grove

I would recommend that a qualified electrical contractor repair what you found, and evaluate the system for any additional repairs or necessary replacements.

Single strand 120 volt “ALUMINUM” wiring was being used at one or more branch circuits in the building. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), problems due to mis-use or expansion can cause overheating at connections of the wire, devices (switches, outlets, breakers, fixtures, etc) or splices. In certain instances this has resulted in fires or other damages. For further information on aluminum wiring contact the CPSC ([size=2][/size]]( We noted at LEAST 1 or more circuits / wires that was overheating and starting to melt. It is strongly recommended that the electrical system be evaluated by a licensed & competent electrician and repaired as needed.

Yep Dan I just had that issue yesterday. Funny thing is the ESA had a sticker on the panel and the Home Owner said that all wiring had been corrected.:roll:

The home owner was likley correct .
What date was the ESA sticker and we all know you can get new tires and have a flat tomorrow .
Aluminum is still allowed to be in a home

The home owner was not correct and and the only thing updated was the wiring to the Water Tank. He did not even comprehend the issues in the bedroom.
Plus the panel was a mess.
So what was the ESA sticker for?

Copy and paste Dans statement.