It looks like aluminum wiring for some of the circuits in this box. The house was built in 1971. See what you think.

AL Neutrals is usually a good give away also.

Good call.

The neutrals are what caught my eye! Thanks. The buyers said they weren’t going to worry about it, but when I explained many insurers won’t cover a house with AL wiring, they turned a little pale and said, “Oh!”

Sounds like your buyers were realtors

If I’m curious about the installation of solid aluminum conductors, I also look for aluminum neutrals. Which is the case in this particular panel.

Most case if installed properly there is not much issue however if improper device { it must have CU/ALR} or specal pigtail to termated properly.

I am sure it been discussed before with this situation.

Now for the SqD QO series breaker yes they are listed for both copper et alum conductors but a nice major gotcha on 30 amp or smaller size they are listed for two conductors with copper however with alum conductors they are only listed for one conductors.

Just give you a head up with it.


Also, it might be noted that by 1971 the aluminum wire in use was improved over the first type, which was produced in 1965. 1965 was the first year for AL branch circuit wiring and the alloy mix was inferior to the product produced from 1966 to 1973. But it was too late, and as a result it was all condemned like the Plague.

Brian .,

It not only affect the North America side it did affect the European side as well so we are not too far on diffrence there.


Thanks for the extra info guys. This was a pretty nice house, but the AL wiring and POLY piping were 2 strikes. I had to double-check and make sure there wasn’t a StabLok box or something else…:shock: