Always the same question... What do you charge?

Alright everyone, I have only been an inspector for 1 yr now but it’s always the same first question. Although I do the same thing with auto parts and lumber, this is their biggest lifetime purchase. How can I tell them that I am better than the next inspector just out of high school? And that I have 15 years of previous construction experience. And is there a way to get them to look at my site and hopefully that would answer all their doubts? I know we are offering a service and we want to sell ourselves on the phone but you don’t want them hanging up saying that guys a jerk never to hear from them again.


Doug, let’s have some fun. Call me on my private cell phone today and ask me “How much do I charge for a home inspection?”

Here is my cell phone #: 720 272 8578.

Pretend you are a price-conscious consumer. I’ll pretend to be a home inspector.

I would love to hear that one.
Tape and save it somebody. :slight_smile:

Perhaps a good NACHI TV episode

Pretend?? Pretend??

Terrific idea !!!



I called…Why didn’t you answer???

Come to one of my seminars? Or pick up my DVD of the seminar [coming soon]?

I teach a technique that a California inspector has used successfully to get $1500 per inspection.