Am I correct on this venting issue?

my home was built in 1987 and we had an inspection recently since we are selling the home. the inspector said that since my bath exhaust fans vented directly to the attic that they were not to code…
I am guessing that in 1987 bath fans were allowed via code to vent to the attic. I am in Georgia.
Does anyone here know?
I am forced to make the repair?

I don’t know Georgia code but I do know that a bathroom fan that ducts to the attic is an invitation to all sorts of problems. The moisture can lead to microbial growth issues as well as cause rot and decay in the structure. Any smart buyer is going to insist on an inspection and any good inspector will find this problem. You have to decide weather you want to fix it now or later.

I don’t know Georgia building codes, regardless, their installed WRONG.

Agree with Scott and Dale.

Is the potential sale of your house worth the small investment to have the exhaust fan properly vented to the exterior?

This could be “penny wise and pound foolish”, as the saying goes.

You are not forced to do anything…all repairs/improvements are negotiable with the buyer.

Depends on the Local AHJ, in Okla if the attic is properly vented with soffit,gable and or ridge vents the attic is consided the same as the exterior, kitchen and bathroom exhausts are not required to exit the attic. I see them every day just vented into the attic with no moisture deteriation visible within the attic.

All of the information given to you here is very good. In my area they (local code inspectors) did not require venting these to the outside till after the late 90s. I am also in a very dry, desert climate and winter temps are mild. Not much of a concern for 90% of the homes I inspect, but when I inspect those at higher elevations (above 3,500 ft.) that have colder temps in the winter, it becomes a major concern.

Moisture is the #1 enemy to a home and this should be a very minor repair.