Am I wiring this correctly

I am planning to wire up my outside shed. I’m starting with a 20 amp fuse, running 12-2 indoor wire through the basement. I’m planning on putting 4 15-amp duplex receptacles in the basement on this line and then a GFI receptacle before it goes outside. I’m running 12-2 outdoor wire from the GFI outside and through a pipe about sixty feet into the shed where it will pass through a 15-amp duplex receptacle. The wire coming out of this recepticle will be 14-2 indoor wire, which will pass through one duplex receptacle and then to a box of switches. There will be 3 15-amp switches. One switch will operate a light on the front of the shed. One switch will operate a double floodlight off the back of the shed. And one switch will operate 2 four-foot, two bulb shop lights. Will this work? Is it OK to use the 15-amp duplex receptacles on the 12-2 20 amp load? Is it OK to go through the 15-amp duplex receptacle in the shed and then change the wire to 14-2 to finish wiring the shed? Thanks for your help.

I am going to make two comments, this is a home inspectors site, not a DIY site. You cannot mix the wire sizes like that and keep the 20 amp breaker. It would need to be downsized to 15 amp to protect the smallest wire size.

Too many errors Hire an electrician to do it correctly .

It was wise of you to seek consul before you started this project but I agree with Jim this is not the place to acquire this information. As Jim stated there are issues with your design and more than the one he mentioned.

I agree with what the others have already said. Not only are there many things wrong with your proposed installation but, it takes years to learn how to do electrical work properly. A small mistake can have disastrous consequences. I can guarantee you that you cannot learn to make safe electrical connections from a book.

Someone trolling?

I’m not so sure. It seems like a legitimate question, and there are many people here who could provide the information, but IMO this isn’t the place to ask it.